What’s in a name?

Why the Peek-a-boo Chronicles do you ask?  When I made the decision at 3 in the morning to start a blog I had to of course think of a name for it.  What would be the perfect name for my blog?  What would represent me and this stage in my life?  Well, the way I figure it with a new baby I will probably be playing quite a bit of peek-a-boo in the coming months and years.  Since Aubrey is my favorite child, by default, I will most likely spend my time blogging about her.  And Peek-a-boo Chronicles was born at 3:30 in the morning on a Monday.  I wanted an easy way to chronicle the adventures and misadventures of this lovely journey called motherhood.  My daughter just turned 8-weeks-old and in the course of those 8-weeks I have discovered that when in doubt: “wing it”.  I envy the mother’s who make being a mom look easy.  This is by far the toughest job I have ever had.  It is also the most rewarding.  Every day I spend with Aubrey makes all the pain, tears and lack of sleep worth it.  Every smile makes me thankful that I have these precious moments with her, good and bad. 


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